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Recognize Stethoscope Parts and Their Functions

A stethoscope is an examination aid that is commonly used by doctors. This tool is used to listen to sounds from inside the body, one of which is to hear the sound of heartbeats and detect abnormalities. In addition to hearing the sound of heartbeats, the stethoscope can also be used to listen to other sounds from the body, such as breathing or intestinal sounds. The type and intensity of these sounds can help the doctor determine the diagnosis and assess the patient's condition. Stethoscope Parts Stethoscopes have various variants in material terms, and even digital stethoscopes are now available. Even so, the shape of this medical device in general remains the same. The stethoscope has four main parts that you need to know, namely: 1. Earpieces Earpieces are part of a stethoscope mounted on the ear to hear sounds from internal organs. Generally earpieces are made of soft rubber. In addition to being more comfortable and painless when worn on the ear, rubber material can
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Health Risks of Married Cousins to Consider

Married to a cousin is not uncommon. Some countries make marriage with cousins as a culture to strengthen family ties. However, there are some things that should be considered before deciding to marry a cousin, especially in terms of health. There are some risks that lurk children of married couples who are cousins. This risk is not only related to physical health, but also the mental health of children. Health risks lurking Health risks from marriage to relatives or family, including cousins, occur because of the same genetic structure. Some health risks that lurk children from married couples between cousins ​​are: 1. Birth defects Although there are no genetic abnormalities in the family, marrying a cousin can increase the risk of giving birth to a baby with a congenital defect. The risk of giving birth to a baby with a congenital defect in couples married to cousins ​​is 2-3% higher, when compared to married couples without family ties. 2. Immune system disorders Researc

Benefits of Cardio and Tips for Doing It

Exercise is not only useful for burning calories and fat in the body, but also has a myriad of other benefits. One type that has many benefits is cardio. Before starting to do it, let's consider the following benefits of cardio. Cardio or aerobic exercise is an exercise activity that aims to strengthen the heart and lungs. Besides being able to improve the body's function in utilizing oxygen, cardio exercise is also useful to improve heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing. There are many types of simple cardio sports that you can try, for example walking, going up and down stairs, running, cycling, and swimming. Various Benefits of Cardio Not only does it make your heart healthy, there are other benefits you can get from this cardio exercise, including: Reduces stress Cardio has benefits that can make your body more relaxed and calm. This is because cardio can release endorphins which can reduce stress and improve your mood. A study even revealed, regular exercis